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Our Teaching Philosphy:

Main Objectives

  • - To teach children Arabic language, heritage, and culture.
  • - To bridge the gap between those who are born in the UK and their countries of origin.
  • - To produce talented representatives of the Arab world who understand both languages and cultures, and would be able to interact positively with multicultural British society.
  • - To provide a friendly and happy environment for social activities.

The Palestinian school aims to contribute to promoting the cause of peace and understanding among nations by means of activating the Arabic language as a medium of international communication. Arabic, in addition to being one of the formally accredited languages for use within the United Nations, has a living heritage that encompasses two millennia. In it is contained the sources of the spiritual values, intellectual roots, cultural background, laws, sciences, literatures and arts for more than a billion human beings in Arab and Islamic lands, and beyond.


Guided by the true teachings of Islam and inspired by the rich legacy of the Arabic language and thought, the founder of  the Palestinian School believes that there is no better antidote to the intolerance and injustice that besets our current international predicaments than for all people of goodwill to work together. The challenge before us is to dispel cultural misconceptions and to advance understanding based on enlightened dialogue. It is only under the climate of peace that civilization can flourish. For civilization is the result of the cumulative and collaborative work of men and women of every race and creed. The Palestinian School thus envisages that by educating children in the rich language and culture of the Arab people will make them the ambassadors of peace that we will rely upon for a safe and prosperous future.