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Beyond The Classroom:

The Palestinian school aims to build an artistic body, where its participants share ideas with each other to improve and empower social, cultural and national concepts.
As our school philosophy explains, we believe children learn best when all of their senses are engaged with resources inside and beyond the school. The school also arranges summer camps in Palestine, in order to allow the students to improve their Arabic, acquire knowledge and experience about the Palestinian people, their historical places, their customs, and their values, building on their ability to interact with others in Arabic, giving them confidence to express themselves lucidly and elegantly.

The school also holds Regular Eid parties, family picnics, and other social activities bringing together the students and also making the parents apart of the community the school strides to build. The school will provide the Palestinian community in particular and the Arab community with a space where they can meet up and empower a happy social environment.
Parents will be to a great extent involved in the teaching process the school offers by being regularly updated of their child’s progress, where the school believes that, by working with the parents we will achieve what is best for that student.